21 Days Away

In 3 weeks I’ll become the wife of one of the greatest people I know. Though this season has had it’s many challenges and trials, I am learning to love more, humble myself and trust the Lord. I’m learning that no matter how hard you try to de-stress, life happens and circumstances come up that weren’t on your dream expectations list. But that is okay. At the end of the day, Jesus is still on the throne and our wedding is going to be beautiful no matter what life has thrown at us. I’m looking forward to the community we will be a part of in Waco and develop strong relationships there. I’m excited to be a scientist in the kitchen and experiment with new meals. I’m excited to go on a cruise for the first time with my best friend and play self-control with the 24/7 pizza bar. Which I am determined to come out on top by the way! I am excited because this is the first Saturday in a long time that I have been able to relax and not be completely consumed by the daunting to-do list in my purse. I feel a lot like this picture today. The waters may be choppy or completely smooth, either way, I am taking a seat and enjoying the view. I’m enjoying the breeze through my hair and the warm sunshine on my face. I’m enjoying the feeling of saying no to my phone notifying me of what I had considered “urgent” questions and conversations. I am enjoying the Prince of Peace today, and disciplining myself to reflect and really take in everything that is changing in a matter of weeks. I’m not in anyway saying that God is the reason behind trials that come but Matthew is right when he reminds me that we wanted to be an example for those around us, and how can we if everything is going perfectly? I am learning to choose life and train thoughts of worry and anxiety to bow down to the name of Jesus. I know sounds super intense… Sometimes it feels that way.

I know by this point, I have gotten off on a tangent that spurred off of the bunny trail I was going down but I am a woman. And what better way to bring it all into perspective than to write it down and share it with you.

You may feel like life is going great, that you have nothing to complain about. Or you may be feeling like you’re drowning in the struggles of being an adult like me. Maybe life feels like it has a constant demand for you that you aren’t able to meet. You know what, there is someone that can meet those demands and loves to. He is more than happy to pick up those things you have been carrying on your shoulders emotionally or physically. “But Denae, I feel like he isn’t helping me, I still feel so overwhelmed by life’s demands.” Have you asked him to help you lately? Have you read the word lately? If he feels far away, it’s probably because you have wandered a bit off track. I don’t say that with condemnation at all, I am speaking to myself too. And when you are willing to let go of control (which I understand can be scary), He will take you by surprise. You think that letting those things go will cause an emotional accident to happen, but it’s exactly the opposite. You’re better off trusting him because He knows what’s on the road ahead. I am praying for you, that as you read this, the Lord will begin to speak to you about things you need to let go of. Things that are holding you back from His plan for your life. I have included some great resources below if you are interested. They really helped me out of the mood I was in and to see God’s perspective about these trials.

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Philippians 4:8

Deuteronomy 30:19

Psalm 139:23-24


Steven Furtick

-Pressure Points

-Why am I anxious?


-The Undoing Album by Steffany Gretzinger

(the whole album really, but specifically “I’m letting go” and “Steady Heart”)


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