3 Quick Paleo Weeknight Recipes

Let’s lighten up the blog a bit today! I know the past few posts have been a bit on the heavy/deep side. So… I am going to be sharing some quick paleo recipes that are yummy, quick and easy to make.

Paleo Bell Pepper Nachos

Bell Pepper Nachos– Minced Republic

These are pretty quick and simple to make. We chose this one as a quick alternative to stuffed bell peppers which tend to take a bit longer to cook in the oven. And they are easier to eat, like nachos, instead of awkwardly cutting the bell pepper and then scooping the meat mixture onto the pieces to eat. That’s just too complicated sometimes. You can, of course, do this entire recipe or change it up a bit, add in beans and corn if you are not paleo. It makes for a delicious and quick dinner.

Amazing Paleo Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocado with Bacon and Tomatoes– Paleo Newbie (perfect resource for more beginner type paleo recipes)

To say that Matt and I love this recipe is an understatement! We are obsessed! And I have found a way to make the recipe even simpler. We get the antibiotic-free rotisserie chicken from H-E-B, de-bone it, and freeze it in two bags. This makes the cooking process faster for any chicken recipes you have. For this recipe, we simply heat up the chicken in the bacon grease which enhances the flavor and then add it all in together.

*Tip: Make sure you are using paleo approved mayo as well because normal mayo has Soy in it which is a hormone disruptor and other chemicals which are no bueno!

*Tip: We also usually remove the avocado from the skins so it’s easier to eat. You could even mix the avocado in with it if you wanted.

Paleo Roasted Veggies Recipe!

Roasted Chop and Drop Veggies and Sausage– Paleo Newbie

This recipe takes just a little prep but it’s a single pan meal that is quick and simple to pop in the oven while you’re doing something else. I had this when I lived with my sister back before the wedding and it was so delicious. And it makes enough for leftovers which is a plus if you are on a budget.

*Tip: Use only 1 sweet potato if you are cutting back on starchy carbs. I usually will save the bulk of my carb intake on this day for dinner so it’s not too heavy.


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