Adulting & Adapting

Adulting… The phrase that has been circulating our society for the past couple years. It’s one that millennials like to use as a description for making “adult” decisions or doing tasks thought to be more responsible than that required of a teenager. Yesterday was an adulting kind of day. A day when I should’ve felt accomplished for how I handled the curveball that knocked my to-do list out of whack. But oddly enough, the frustration of a seemingly small event affected the rest of my day. Looking back I don’t regret or wish I would’ve handled it differently because I know that I am growing more and more each day. I could’ve given it to the Lord and allowed Him to comfort me and bring peace but instead, I allowed it to bother me.

I have been re-reading a book from TBI the past couple days called Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel. It is about analyzing behavioral patterns within yourself, identifying the source and making adjustments to become more like Christ. I have been enjoying it probably more than the first time I read it. It’s been about 3 years since I read it last and it is pointing to new things that the Lord wants to get rid of in my soul. I am a bit more aware of certain patterns I slip into when things don’t go as planned.  Or when I get off track from the Lord which can happen easily if I don’t have a good routine.

For those of you that don’t know me, hello, I’m Denae and I am a routine kind of gal. I feel a bit unsettled and unproductive when I don’t have some kind of consistency in my life. You’re probably thinking, “Denae, Jesus is the consistency you need in your life, He is never changing.” Yes, I agree. It’s practically a blinking neon sign on my heart.  And like usual, I work through things as I am writing. *Side note, if you haven’t tried journaling or just writing out your thoughts, you should. It really helps and you don’t need an English degree to do it. Just you, a pen and paper. I find it to be very helpful and decompressing.

I’d like to bring another word into this conversation, and that is, Adapting. According to Google dictionary, to adapt is to become adjusted to new conditions. But another definition is to make something suitable for a new purpose; modify. I have been trying to adjust to this new season of pursuing big dreams, understanding my role as a wife, getting back in shape from an indulgent honeymoon, getting settled in a new city (again) and stepping back into God’s presence. I am being required by my circumstances to adapt. Adapting can be uncomfortable and change can be a stressor. I now see that frustration has been caused by placing an impossible expectation on myself to get back into the same rhythm as I was a year ago (before all the wedding planning). But like the second definition says, I need to arrange my day in a way that is suitable for new purposes and modify my previous routine. Not necessarily throw it out the window but make the small tweaks to ensure a more functional and peaceful day. And leave space in my day for the unexpected or personal time. This could be taking a relaxing bath, going for a walk, reading without a time limit. Those are my favorites.

I don’t want to assume that this only applies to those that are like me and value having a routine. Adapting can apply to any person at any stage of life. Maybe you got a new job and your boss communicates in a way you’re not used to, that’s an opportunity to adapt. Or you just received news that you’re pregnant, another opportunity to adapt. Maybe your parents or yourself just experienced a divorce, that’s right, an opportunity to adapt. And I am so sorry if you are walking through that, be reminded that Jesus is your comforter.

Whatever the change may be, Jesus is the consistency. He is the strong cord woven into your crazy day. When the storm around you is raging, seek peace. And learn to have grace and patience for yourself. It’s not healthy to expect to adapt overnight. You’ll be more frustrated and confused if you do, believe me. Lastly, God is not a God of confusion, He brings clarity and answers all you have to do is ask, and be prepared to wait if necessary. He loves you so much and wants to see you produce fruit. And sometimes that requires an environment change. Be encouraged and know that you’re not alone there in that forest.


With love,



Hebrews 13:8


Soul Detox: Craig Groeschel

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