Balloons and Bricks

What are some memories of your favorite birthdays? Getting to go to the nearest pizza place and collect the special birthday tokens to get that grand prize? Going on an adventure with your friends to a park for a hike? Maybe just simply getting all the party favors for the big day at the store.

If you were like me, having the opportunity to go to Party City and gather all the candy for the goodie bags and the matching temporary kitchenware was part of the fun. As you check out all your items that have been carefully selected and organized, you could see the array of multi-colored, themed balloons on display behind the kind cashier. Knowing that those were mainly there for other shoppers to purchase as a gift for the special person, I would always hope that one of the invitees would bring one to the party that would match perfectly with the theme I’d so eagerly chosen.

It’s the same way in our relationship with God. He desires to give us the tools that can take us higher. The victory we have in the word, our identity in Him, the supernatural joy and endurance to run in the lane he has called us to, and so many more!

He’s given us specific desires that he longs to fulfill. He matches our desires with the gifts he blesses us with. And he loves you too much to let you stay where you are, he wants to see you grow and progress the same way a parent cheers their child on as they finally learn how to take their first steps as a toddler. He is handing us those balloons freely to take us higher with him!

But if you’re like me, sometimes out of fear of the future or uncertainty we begin to tie bricks to our feet. And we begin to be held down by the questions or doubts that seem to never exit our minds. That’s why we need to learn to “take captive our thoughts and make them obedient to Christ” as it says in 2 Corinthians 10:5. God has been teaching me that it’s not an overnight miracle that one day you wake up and you no longer have any fearful thoughts. It’s a daily process, thought by thought. And he doesn’t expect us to be perfect. That is the brick that I’m working on keeping off my feet. Maybe you need to hide that string that you’ve used to tie the heavy object to you. Or do things that prevent you from attaching yourself to that.

And you’re not alone, Jesus is your strength and your defense. You have victory over your mind in him!

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