Chick Flicks + Why they’re not my first pick anymore

I used to be the girl that would choose The Cinderella Story or Princess Diaries. And those are great classics but as I was scrolling through Netflix last night searching for something to watch in the background while I worked on a puzzle, I realized I skipped right past the “Night in with the Girls” selection of movies. And this thought came to my head. “Am I just not in the mood or is there something deeper that I can discover about myself?” I realized I have not gone out of my way to search for a good chick flick to watch in a while. I understand that taste in movies changes but why in this case?

I came to the conclusion that I had placed myself in that dreamy and unrealistic plot of being a normal girl pursued by this amazing man that comes to sweep me off my feet. And I’m sure you can see where it led me, to unrealistic expectations and dreams for what a relationship should look like. Now I know that God placed that desire in us as women for a reason. I strongly believe it was so that he could show us his love in a deeper, romantic way. So that he could show us how he has been on a pursuit of our hearts since before we were born. If you haven’t read the book, Redeeming Love, you need to put that on your list of books to read this year. It is a phenomenal novel based on the story of Hosea and his unconditional love for his wife. It will wreck you, and if you don’t believe me, just imagine the main male character is Jesus chasing after you! Boom, perspective!

This has definitely been a process for me over the past few years to sort of unlearn the messages those movies send about life being happily ever after. Even the “best marriages” are presented with struggles in life. And one thing that I have noticed is that in my marriage with Matt, is that he offers so much more than 2D Prince Charming does. I get to see him every day in every way. And he is more than just a figment of my imagination or something that I hope for. He is real, he is compassionate and forgiving and I wouldn’t trade a single moment I have had with him.

Anyways…Off that lovey-dovey rabbit trail.

I’m learning more about how taste can change depending on the season and giving my self the grace and permission to be okay with that. It’s not a sign that my personality is drastically changing and I am no longer Denae. It’s proof that I am human and my preferences change based on the season that I am in.

So something that I want to try with this blog is pushing toward a community aspect a bit more. And doing so by asking some questions. You can use these as a personal reflection time or if you’re comfortable answering some of them in the comments below, I think it will help everyone feel a bit more like a family and relate to each other.

Reflection Questions:

What have you been holding onto out of fear of changing?

What has been holding you back from pursuing new dreams in your life?

What does being open to the realization of change in your life look like? (that one is kind of an odd question, let me give you an example. I notice ways that I am changing when my desires change. I enjoy reading and writing a lot more now since I have given myself a challenge of reading 52 Books this year.)

What are some of the characteristics that you genuinely appreciate about your significant other?

What kind of movie genre shift have you experienced recently? What do you think it means?


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  1. Madison on February 3, 2018 at 8:26 am

    Denae! This is so good! I have personally let the opinion of others and my circumstances hold me back. I have had the fear that I wouldn’t know what to do with the change, even if I wanted the change to happen. I have noticed though that the more I press into the changes that are happening or needed, the better I am at learning how to go about them. Your Writing is Beautiful! Keep KILLIN it sister!

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