He is our Retreat

This morning I decided to go on a peaceful sunrise walk along the river near my house. I am so glad I did as opposed to going to the gym and working out rigorously indoors. Life is about balance you know? I am teaching myself that I don’t have to run myself into the ground every day with workouts but can enjoy a quiet morning walk along the river.

This quiet place felt so far away from the busy-ness of life but it is really only a couple yards away from the roads dividing up downtown Waco. I love how it provides such a great example of how close the peace of God is to us. How close He is to us in the midst of trials. Our perspective can affect our emotions if we don’t have the proper focal point. If we are focused on all the trucks and trains crossing the bridges, instead of the still water steadily flowing beneath them, we will probably be drawn back into the anxieties of the situations we are in.

It isn’t a perspective that can be perfected after doing it once but requires consistent practice to be able to see his goodness in any situation. I have been reading the daily scriptures that come out on the bible app each day and today’s (June 22, 2018) was perfect. Psalm 119:114 TPT ” You’re my place of quiet retreat, and your wrap-around presence becomes my shield as I wrap myself in your word!” The word retreat has two main definitions;

1: the act of moving back or withdrawing (in terms of battle)

Often times I find myself trying to be in control of a situation, marriage, health, etc. And it takes a withdraw on my part to be able to enter into a peaceful retreat with the Lord. I have to withdraw and surrender control over to him because he does a much better job than we could ever do. By withdrawing, I don’t mean giving up and throwing in the towel. I mean letting Jesus take the reigns and have control over the piece board and call the shots.

2: a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax

I meet so many people from all over that are coming to Waco to see the Silos and learn more about the city that is being so revived. And I mean all over! Just yesterday I met someone from the Cayman Islands! A regular week would include meeting people from Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Canada, Colorado, California, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina and so many others. I really enjoy getting the chance to meet so many people and be a part of the sort of hospitality committee here in Waco. Meeting those people does have it’s downsides though. The adventurer and dreamer in me longs to be able to do that and go all over the world even.

Sometimes I look at discount travel sites to see if there is anything worth pulling that spontaneous card for. A 7-day cruise for only $500? Count me in! Round trip flight for two to New York, I’m there! But then I come back to reality and remember the car that we are still believing for, the house that we would like to buy within the next few years and I see that cruise and plane poof out of the cloud of possibility. Don’t get me wrong, the Lord is working on giving me hope in this season to believe to do those things and see the world. I’m learning to trust that his timing is perfect and all that my little mind needs to worry about is today. I think the real reason I want to travel right now is of course because it is summer and so many people are going on vacations and enjoying a break from normal life. But also because I am craving a retreat from the season I am in right now. A retreat from thinking about what the next few months look like with living arrangements and a vehicle. Feeling like I cannot go somewhere on my own because I don’t know how to drive a standard car. Of course, I love spending time with my husband but the introvert in me is longing to be independent for just a few hours.

The river walk this morning was a peaceful alternative solution for me. I felt refreshed and at peace and I didn’t need to hop on a flight or a floating sea vessel to get there. I’m learning to find peace and refreshment in him again. Before writing this today, I was praying and I looked over at my bible. It hit me, his “presence becomes [our] shield as we wrap ourselves in his word.” I think he can speak to us through a beautiful sunrise but true refreshment comes from abiding in him and getting plugged into his word. Jesus, the living word, is our new focal point. He is the still water we are truly longing for.

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