How to Love the Unlovely

Hey there friend.

So I have a question for you. Do you ever feel like yeah I’ve got this giving thing down? I know how to encourage people, give, appreciate and affirm. What if I asked what type of people they are? Are they close to you, dear friends, easy to love? I appreciate that God loves us too much to keep us where we are because I, probably like you, was only intentionally loving people that were easy to love. Either people I know to be kind or that homeless man I don’t know personally which makes it easier to give. It is so easy to love the lovely people, that even non-believers do that. Luke 6:32-36 says:

32 “Are you really showing true love by only loving those who love you back? Even those who don’t know God will do that.33 Are you really showing compassion when you do good deeds only to those who do good deeds to you? Even those who don’t know God will do that.

34 “If you lend money only to those you know will repay you, what credit is that to your character? Even those who don’t know God do that. 35 But love your enemies and continue to treat them well. When you lend money, don’t despair if you are never paid back, for it is not lost. You will receive a rich reward and you will be known as true children of the Most High God, having his same nature. For your Father is famous for his kindness to heal even the thankless and cruel. 36 Show mercy and compassion for others, just as your heavenly Father overflows with mercy and compassion for all.”

This morning, the Lord asked me to do something that seemed to go against every fiber of my flesh. He asked me to write a thank you note to some people that I didn’t feel deserved a thank you. Sounds mean, I know. But being honest. On the surface it seems like they are not doing a good job so why would I write a thank you note? Wouldn’t that give them false confidence and lead them to overlook the tasks that still needed to be done? I knew that no matter how much I tried to reason with God, his request would be in the back of my mind until I obeyed. I got the note and wrote out a genuine thank you and words of encouragement. I didn’t mention anything regarding the tasks we have been waiting for because I didn’t want to corrupt or stand in between them and God’s love. I prayed, Lord let this letter be a faith statement, a sort of speak those things as though they are kind of thing.

It was hard but I’m glad I did it because, from that one request, he opened my eyes to see that even when I am unlovely, Jesus still loves me. He loved me so much that He died for my sin in advance. That was His faith statement I suppose. He gave a deposit of sorts by laying His life down without the guarantee of receiving me as His daughter. He gave, loved unconditionally. And He asks us to do the same. To give and love without expecting anything in return. It may seem like that life may be unfulfilling. But unlike the world’s standards, we receive so much more. For it is far better to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35) I pray that the Lord shows you how to love the way He does. That you would have a deeper understanding of His love for you. Try asking him to bring someone to mind or divine intersect you with someone who needs the love of Christ through you. The genuine, unhindered, uncorrupt love.

Be blessed today!


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