Hurry and Hustle

Sitting at Barnes and noble reading a magnolia magazine about purpose. I wish I had my book with me. A journal or something. This is me practicing being slow and intentional. Exploring my thoughts and resisting the urge to check out and jump into hurry.

Matt encourages me to stay home today and rest from work. We have a lot of things coming up with a new store opening and many things to process. I mean that jewelry order was huge, it’s hard to fully explain that unless you’re in the business. Just know, it’s a lot. In the past, I’ve been quick to respond to the abundance of work with anxiety and overwhelm. But like I told my co-worker last week. I’m not panicking. We will do our best to get things done and that doesn’t mean going in on my day off after working 41 hours to get more done.
I’m thankful that they still make magazines. I don’t think I’ve ever actually sat down and read through the articles in a magazine front to back. Now I admit I did skip the ones that didn’t interest me but it’s better than just looking at the pretty pictures. It was a moment to take in the artwork and beauty of other’s perspectives, in a classic, non-rushed way.
Reading does that, it forces you to slow down and process how the sentences and paragraphs create a story or an opening to a writer’s perspective.
Everyone and their opinions can get a bit loud though. I want to be more intentional with what I allow in. Lately, I’ve been binging Netflix and Hulu shows but I could easily use that time to sit and be present. Not just in the sense of mindfulness, that trendy word. But silence and solitude. Separating myself for a bit to spend time with my creator, not just focusing on self and how I’m feeling, though there is value in that. I want to be like Christ in that I am able to step aside from the busy and into the calm of his presence. He’s the son of God if anyone would be busy it would be him. If I think that my schedule is too full for rest then I have missed his intention for me in that way.
Rest is a gift, something to be discovered as we journey with Christ. Everyone’s form of rest is different. But I am on a mission to see what it looks like for me.
Currently, the world is frantic and in a state of fear and stockpiling necessities. It kind of is a relief for me because for weeks I have been desiring a slowing of Sundays; For the world to return to a slowed sabbath together. That’s the real thing. The thing our society has been lacking is rest. I hope that this is something God works for the good. That as a result of major events, schools and jobs shutting down for two weeks it brings communities together in a state of peace and grace. I pray that people would be lovingly pushed into a state of rest from the striving and hurry.

A book I have been loving recently is The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer. He has a wonderful way of diving into the topics of rest, silence and solitude and slowing in the middle of a fast world. I definitely recommend that especially as we go into these two weeks wondering what new shows are on Netflix. Instead, try reading this book or listening to the podcast on Spotify. Comment down below some of your favorite books your planning on reading. Always love more inspiration!

Stay healthy and rested my friends.

Much love,

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