I love Mondays. Yes, I know. That is typically unheard of. But around here Mondays are such a blessing. Working for a Ministry full-time is a joy believe me, but there are times when it puts a demand on you physically and spiritually.

I was thinking about something recently. They say that when you reach a point where you find yourself thirsty, you’re already into the dehydration stage. I wonder if our spiritual life can be similar to that. In such a way that if you pour yourself out so much but are not consistently filling yourself up do you become dehydrated spiritually? Now don’t beat yourself up if you, like me, do your best to get into your word and spend time with the Lord daily, but occasionally you miss a day or the time seems to shorten and shorten. There is grace for those times. The Lord isn’t going to turn his back on you just because you spent 15 minutes with him instead of the 30 you usually do.

When you spend time in the presence of God, and you say “Lord, you take control” but yet you hold onto controlling what time in his presence looks like…you haven’t fully given him the steering wheel. God knows what is best for you today, for this moment. If you just loved the feeling you had the last time you spent time with Him and you try to recreate it…odds are it won’t “feel” the same. There are things that the Holy Spirit has been preparing for your heart and spirit today that may be completely different than yesterday.

I know this happens to me all the time, where I’ll be thinking about something specific just “randomly” and I’ll hear a song, read a verse, or the Lord will directly tell me something related to what was on my mind. It’s not a coincidence when he prepares the way in your mind and in your spirit for what He is going to accomplish.

This blog is going to be all over the place as usual, but I promise it will all make sense by the end.

This weekend I had the opportunity to share with young people about an amazing school that I myself was a part of about a year ago. And it was very surreal. The programs here at the school is a total of 8 months. Doesn’t seem like much but believe me, God can do so much more in 8 months than you could ever imagine.

I decided to spend a good chunk of my Monday off today to read some journal entries from last year. And I used to journal about once every day (kind of how I am into writing now). And this time last year, I was concluding my time at the school. Reading those entries brought back all the emotions I felt at that time. It was as if I was looking into the past to a time when I was reflecting on the growth I had experienced.

There are a few things I never expected to happen that did:

1) I never expected I would be in charge of admissions at the school I attended just one year ago.

2) I never expected to still be in this amazing place with people that are full of faith, love, and joy!

3) A year ago, I didn’t know what I would do after the summer and I didn’t have a desire to attend college and get a degree.

4) I realize that the issue I battled in my mind and learning to trust God with it was not a waste of time but rather a growing experience for me.

5) I never expected to be blessed with an amazing best friend that God had prepared me for and prepared for me. (this one was a complete surprise)

In summary of everything stated, God showed me that everything and I mean “everything works together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28. You may not understand it right now, you may not even understand it in this natural lifetime, but God is up to something so be encouraged!

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end [fulfillment]; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarries, wait [earnestly] for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on it’s appointed day.” Habakkuk 2:3

Until next time, Denae.

p.s. We have boarded a train, and it’s called adventure. (see “patient traveler”)

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