New Year’s Resolutions+ Book Ideas!

So I’ve been living in Waco for officially two and a half months and I am working on developing some new habits for this new year. 2017 was all about wedding planning, getting married and adjusting to a new city and a new spouse. 2018 has so much to potential and I want to dive into everything God has for me this year. I was a little behind on writing my resolutions down. I tend to wait until the day before or even a few days after January 1st. Reason being that I usually get super overwhelmed by making this huge list of fitness, health, spiritual, personal, and relational goals. This year with some inspiration from my naturopath, I decided to do my resolutions month by month. My resolutions for this month are:

  • Read one book per week (this will be on repeat in order to read 52 books this year)
  • Pray for Matthew every day
  • Pursuing Paleo Lifestyle
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Drink 1 gallon of water each day
  • Take more time for self-care, through reading, walks, face masks (all the non-technology ways to chill)
  • Practice more spontaneous moments with Jesus

Books that I want to read this year:

  1. Wild and Free- Hayley Morgan & Jess Connolly
  2. Grace not Perfection- Emily Ley
  3. Uninvited- Lysa TerKeurst
  4. Every Good Endeavor – Timothy Keller
  5. King’s Cross -Timothy Keller
  6. The Meaning of Marriage -Timothy Keller
  7. Full- Asheritah Ciuciu
  8. Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren
  9. Driven by Eternity – John Bevere
  10. The Pursuit of God – A.W. Tozer
  11. A Simplified Life – Emily Ley
  12. Rooted- Banning Liebscher
  13. True Feelings-Carolyn Mahaney & Nicole Mahaney Whitacre
  14.  A Peculiar Glory – John Piper
  15. Reading the Bible Supernaturally – John Piper
  16. Expository Exultation – John Piper
  17. The Best Yes – Lysa TerKeurst
  18. Crossing the Waters – Leslie Leyland Fields
  19. You are what you Love – James K. A. Smith
  20. Unashamed – Christine Caine
  21. (Un)qualified -Steven Furtick
  22. Seven Mile Miracle – Steven Furtick
  23. 12 Ways your phone is changing you – John Piper, Tony Reinke
  24. Present over Perfect- Shauna Niequist
  25. Love Does – Bob Goff
  26. Make Room for what you Love – Melissa Michaels
  27. Through the eye of the Lion – Levi Lusko
  28. Worldliness – CJ Mahaney
  29. A Lineage of Grace – Francine Rivers
  30. Idols of the Heart – Elise Fitzpatrick
  31. Choosing Gratitude – Nancy Lee Demisk
  32. Nothing to Prove – Jennie Allen
  33. The Magnolia Story – Joanna Gaines (when in Waco, why not?)
  34. Loving my Actual Life – Alexandra Kykendall
  35. Make it Happen – Lara Casey
  36. The Hideaway – Laura K. Denton
  37. Before you Hit Send – Emmerson Eggerichs
  38. Unglued – Lysa TerKeurst
  39. If I Run – Terri Blackstock
  40. If I’m Found – Terri Blackstock
  41. Chasing Slow – Erin Loechner
  42. Essentialism – Greg Mckeown
  43. For the Love – Jen Hatmaker
  44. The Forgotten Way- Ted Dekker
  45. Your Best Year Ever- Michael Hyatt
  46. The Road Back to You- Ian Morgan

These are all the books I have seen so far that have interested me this year. But I still need 11 more to get to 52, what books are you loving lately?


Features Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash


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  1. Tonya Rose on January 24, 2018 at 6:22 am

    The Forgotten Way! (And you are blessed to already own it!) Lovin’ your blog, keep it up!

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