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Analogy: a similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based

This time of the year it seems that everywhere you turn there is one word that seems to be very prevalent and it is… “NEW”. With plans to see improvement the next time you step on a scale or the “9 tips to improve your well-being, character, overall health”. But before we can attempt to begin those things we will need to step away from the family friends for a while until the next time comes.

There are many means of travel; by way of plane, vehicle, or even trains. Have you ever sat in a train station and watched as people from all different backgrounds boarded the railway? Intending to embark on a small commute or for some a new journey in life. There are many represented at a train station. You may be the one in the ticket line, investing some aspect of your life into the next transition, whether that be time, money, or something worth more. Or perhaps you are the person immersed in your planner, arranging your next few steps, while you miss the beauty of today. You may be the person who, like me is sitting and waiting for your train to arrive. Sometimes it can be discouraging to watch others board trains of relationships or even engagements and at this age, it is happening a lot.

It may seem like life is going on without you. But that is far from the truth. God is doing something truly special in your life as an individual. You may not understand it right now. But I know for sure when you allow God to develop you and prepare you. There’s no better bench to sit on. Especially when you have someone there sitting with you. His name is Jesus and he will never leave your side. He is always there to listen and give a helping hand along the way. And before you can attempt to try and seek your worth from their opinion, He will be there to tell you otherwise. True worth comes from the Father. He loves you in a way no one else can. Truly unconditional, agape love. His affirmation and approval cannot be matched.  If there is a desire in your heart, God most likely placed it there. Or if you are waiting for a promise to be fulfilled, it wasn’t placed there to tease you. Enjoying the journey doesn’t necessarily mean it is always going to be fun. It’s choosing to enjoy every point of that journey including the waiting. It is going to be worth all the patience that is being refined.

1 Peter 1:6-9

Romans 4:20-21

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P.S. Learn to enjoy every aspect of your journey with Him.

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