PODCASTS: My Newest Obsession

Firstly, I am definitely the type of person that loves watching vlogs, how-to videos, music videos, etc. And because I am a visual person I never was interested in this thing called podcasts before. I had tried it a couple times and wasn’t interested nor did it keep my attention. It may have just been the topic I was listening to at that time because once I found topics that I was actually interested in, I began to invest more time into podcasts and learning more information.

I have only been listening for a few weeks now but I get so pumped when one of my faves releases a new episode. I used to watch a TV show or Youtube video while I cooked or did the dishes but I found that listening to a podcast instead helped me stay on track and accomplish more. I know that there is no such thing as multi-tasking and doing both things effectively, but taking out the visual aspect of something does help quite a bit. With that said, I love podcasts now. I have found them very informing for this stage in my life and it has really helped me to feel comfortable saying no to things that I don’t value at this time. Yes, I have been getting into this big idea of minimalism and simplicity. I have combed through the closets, junk drawers and corners in my house searching and sorting things that matter and those that don’t. And I can listen to a podcast while I do it! Double whammy!

You either love or hate podcasts but I think like me, it is a matter of finding the right ones to listen to. Ones that you can relate to. And if you start listening to one, over time you will find yourself looking for similar ones that have been recommended by the podcasters themselves. It’s like a tight-knit community. I want to share some of my current favorites with you guys specifically in the area of Minimalism.

First one was actually recommended to me by a dear friend, it’s called The Simple Show. They discuss what they say no and yes to when it comes to different topics such as, family, housekeeping, shopping, cooking, exercise, etc. All things that I can relate to in this season.

The second podcast I found is called The Lazy Genius, and at first, I was thinking, “now I don’t want to be lazy, I need to stay focused and productive.”I gave it a shot and listened to one anyways. The first episode I listened to was about exercise. And she asked a question I have never asked myself but it’s worth noting. She asked the listeners, “Why do you want to be skinny?”. Most people would respond with, “To be more confident in my own skin”. And to which she replied, “Why can’t you be confident right now where you’re at?” Continue to do things that fuel your body but there is no reason you can’t be confident right now. Without going on too much of a bunny trail, let me just say that stuck with me because I didn’t have a reason for wanting to be “skinny” other than the fact that I wanted to fit in my jeans so I wouldn’t need to buy more.

Obviously, there are so many other topics these women talk about but those are some of the reasons why I have really enjoyed podcasting. I can do other things while listening and I can still process the information pretty well. If you haven’t tried podcasts, I encourage you, think of a topic you enjoy or want to learn more about and go from there. They also do not need to be informational, maybe you just want to listen to something entertaining, look up some reviews online and see what others are saying about specific podcasts. You won’t regret it!

If you already listen to some podcasts, let me know which ones down in the comments. I’m always open to new recommendations from friends and why they love them. And if there is a topic you would like me to discuss here on the blog leave that below as well! Love hearing from you guys.

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