Refreshing Moments

Let’s start this out by closing our eyes. Wait read this first then close your eyes and think about this phrase. What refreshes or relaxes you? Is it the view outside your window in the morning, or the evening sunset painting colors across the sky? If I had to pick one place that refreshes me it’s walking out into my living room on a cool Fall morning and sitting on the couch in total silence. I have been personally practicing this more and like I said in my last post, trying to get into a better routine.

This morning was different though. It was more peaceful than usual. The kind of peace that is inside and out. I felt rested and ready to take the day head on but not as fast as usual. I didn’t feel the need to rush my time with the Lord just to knock things off my list of to-dos. My last entry I wrote about trying to get into a new routine and adapt to what is taking place in this season of shifting. And I am still on that journey but I feel like there’s a moment of relief in the midst of it all. A sense that I may be on the brink of some dense revelation with the Lord.

Being a housewife (at least for the moment)  has sparked the desire to read more and I’m so glad Matt has added, what seems to be, a lot of books to our library. When I sat down to think about it, I was very excited to read some of them. Books contain knowledge and insight you may not be able to obtain from other sources. One of the books on the shelf was The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Upon seeing it, I was pumped! I finished the Soul Detox book a couple days ago and this one is next on my list. I hadn’t heard of it until earlier this Summer when the Pastor at my church taught a series on eternity and our greater purpose here on Earth. I know, deep stuff! I remember being challenged spiritually to pursue the desires of God more than my worldly desires.

When I started reading it today, I was not surprised when the words seemed to leap off the page. I’ve only read one chapter so far (the book is structured as a 40-day, one chapter per day) and I am loving it already! Personally, it is helping because it is pointing out that self-help is an aimless pursuit, but self-sacrifice is God’s way to finding ourselves. I have been desiring a pursuit of less in my life, less clutter, less stress, less overwhelming and demanding tasks. Just simplicity. Been listening to ted talks and podcasts about minimalism and in fact, the 3rd book on my list was Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I knew deep down those resources would be beneficial but I wanted to know the Lord’s view on simplifying your life and how to do it His way. I get a sense that this book combined with scripture will be able to point me in that direction. I’m excited and determined to pursue the Lord in an even deeper way and find my true purpose in Him.

I am not being endorsed or sponsored by any of these authors. It is just my personal takeaway so far. You know, we aren’t created to go through life alone, trying to help ourselves find a cure for the longing in our hearts. Do you feel like you have spent your whole life trying to find the answer? Even if you are already a believer and have accepted Christ, the temptation to help yourself can be strong. I want to encourage you, dive into God’s word, invest in yourself in a deeper/different way than before. I assure you the investment is worth the time and you will not be disappointed. Just come to God empty-handed (surrendering your idea of what that time should be like) and with an open heart to receive what He wants to give you. I pray that your adventure with him would be one of great revelation and truth.

With Love,




Ephesians 1:11-12 MSG

Matthew 16: 24-27 MSG

Colossians 1:16b MSG

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  1. Taylor Weatherspoon Sparks on December 2, 2017 at 10:10 am

    Very well put! I’ve been looking for a great blogger to follow. To try something new and I think you will be my first blogger I follow! I look forward to what else you right. Really hit the heart. ❤

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