Sowing Seed

Hello All! I have missed writing. The thing is, I don’t want to post something that is just simple and not super important. In this season, if I take the time to write something, it’s because the Lord has downloaded something to my heart.

Now that we got that out of the way… Let’s just jump right in.

From the title of this post, you probably are anticipating which way I’ll go with this topic. I can agree that I am doing the same, but as usual, I will begin typing and the Lord will shift the direction just a tad. Have you ever noticed the many types and varieties of flowers? There may be one general name, but it stems into sometimes hundreds of varieties. We all have something different to contribute to the body of Christ, but I want to focus in on the season you are in right now. Think about what challenges and “curveballs” you had to overcome this week. Think about the times where it seemed everything was going so great.

Your perspective affects your attitude. Your attitude affects everything else in life. And your attitude is your choice. When you sow joy and serve with a willing heart, you are sowing good seed into good soil. When you sow bitterness and resentment whether through what you’re saying or just by your actions as you are “serving” you are not sowing good seed. Let me ask you this, are you constantly wondering why that person is always receiving blessings whether they be natural or spiritual? First off, try not to compare your life to theirs, rather, ask the Lord which areas you aren’t giving it your best. Or maybe you are doing your best but you are complaining the entire way through. That doesn’t produce a positive attitude. I don’t think it can… Take the time to get alone with God and ask Him for His perspective.

This is a practice that I work on every single day. It is a daily renewing of my mind. Once I grasped the reality of it though, I ran with it! I was in the middle of an amazing summer camp season. Yes, the days were long and sometimes very tiring, but I got to see the immediate harvest of the seed I had been sowing. I could have been cleaning a dorm earlier that day and turn around to see a 7-year-old receive healing in their body that night. I began to serve on purpose. I knew that the seed I sowed, paved the way for someone to receive their miracle. It was no longer about me, I loved serving others!!! And still, do, don’t get me wrong.

I wanted to encourage you with this, sow with care. Don’t just aimlessly serve in this season. Make the decision to sow with purpose. Only you can sow that specific variety of seed. You are unique and I pray that you grasp this for the purpose of the Body of Christ. The Body needs you, we need the giftings that the Lord has placed in you. Yes, we need your best friends giftings, but theirs are different than yours. Stop comparing, for your comparison is not valid. There may be similarities, but you have something special to offer!


Isaiah 30:23

Galatians 6:7

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