Superwoman vs. You

Currently sitting at a wobbly table with my already empty cup of golden milk in a crowded coffee shop of which I am realizing I probably should’ve arrived 4 hours ago when it opened. This wobbly table was worth the two moves of all my books, cup and laptop. Do you know why? Because it has an outlet and it’s a larger booth offering me more space to place my journal on the table instead of on my lap. Can you tell I’m a coffee shop newbie? As you probably know, I’m not much of a coffee drinker, hence the turmeric golden milk (with almond because as of January 1st, I am committed to this Paleo lifestyle).Now that I have framed my current setting, let’s chat shall we? Just imagine you’re sitting at this wobbly table with me. Drinking whatever caffeinated beverage you fancy.

There are days when I can’t seem to think of anything at all to write. And other days I’m bursting with inspiration and ideas. Today is the latter. I have given myself the challenge to read a book a week. I finished the first one (Wild and Free) Tuesday night. I really enjoyed it and afterward, I found myself wanting that kind of wild and free life they were describing. The kind that had an unshakable trust in the heavenly Father who would never leave or give up out of impatience. As each thought of hope came, the glimpse of me being that woman, I quickly shut it down because of the thought of dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, and cooking to do. I saw that I was bound by this self-made cape around my neck suffocating me of the peace, joy, passion, and drive I once had.

I want to grow in this season and give myself the grace and time to do so. I have been placing assumed expectations on myself that my husband has not expressed all in an attempt to be the perfect wife, have the cleanest home, have a healthy lifestyle, etc. I was trying to find my superpower within myself instead of the one who created me resulting in exhaustion, irritation, and confusion. I was trying to strengthen my superpower by how much I did each day. Flying around the home doing this then that in such a methodically and efficient way. But you know, when you’re flying around, you can’t get your steps in. (Don’t worry this is just a parallel, not meant to confuse you in the topic of doing.) One of my words for the year is Surrender. God is teaching me how to surrender control of my “perfection” striving I have been bound to my entire life so that I can receive His peace and promises.


I learned this morning that I can’t rush that process. Which brings up my second word for the year, Savor. Of course, I wish it would happen overnight and I could wake up feeling like a new woman, wild and free. But that is where those steps come in. This morning as I was reading my daily chapter of The Purpose Driven Life, I read a quote that shook me, one that sparked my mind to race about this topic. “While we worry about how fast we grow, God is concerned about how strong we grow. God views our lives for and from eternity, so he is never in a hurry.” In the world of go go go and stay busy or be lazy it is so easy to think that God is the same way. No matter how much I beg God to mature me more quickly, he won’t because he knows what is best for me. His patience, something I’ve been thankful for from a position of shame and condemnation, is now a new characteristic I can begin to develop within myself. Patience with the process and allowing myself to be molded by the potter into his image. And something you may have never thought of, “even the snail reached the ark by persevering.”-Rick Warren

This snail video was so fun but the Lord had something better in mind. To use it for this post. 

God is taking me on steps of maturity and he wants to do the same with you. I realize that most of my posts are in the format of a life update. But I pray that you would be encouraged. And as you sit here with me in this coffee shop you would feel a sense of community and togetherness. We are in this together, growing and becoming wild and free women! We are getting there. To a place of freedom and wild living for the kingdom. Look out world!

Because I am a practical kind of person. I wanted to share two simple things you can practice today to grow and become that Wild and Free woman.

Practice giving yourself grace

In the moments you forget to pick up milk from the store, or when you don’t do your daily workout, or like today, show up to the coffee shop later and have to move three times to get the best table. My second book I am reading is called Grace not Perfection by Emily Ley. Some of the first couple chapters provided inspiration for this post and I believe can inspire you as well in your own specific way.

Practice saying no

To things that aren’t that important, scrolling on Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter. And before I say this next thing, I would like to preface this by saying I am all for serving my husband and preferring him and I believe there is a balance there. I just realized this morning that I don’t need to feel obligated to make an amazing meal or coffee that is the perfect temperature. It is okay to let life happen and not have a perfect everything. The word says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Notice it doesn’t say “all things at once”. I am convinced that multi-tasking is not effective/possible unless it involves a washing machine or crockpot. I can’t effectively accomplish more than one thing at a time. “Here’s the thing about doing it all: even if you can do it all, no one can do it well.”-Emily Ley, Grace not Perfection.



Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

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