The Steering Wheel Cover

There was a point a few years ago when Matt was believing for a new vehicle. His VW Golf was bound to a garage with many high ticket repairs. He, being the man of faith he is, continued to faithfully sow even when things were tight financially. I don’t remember when it was specifically, but I bought him a black leather steering wheel cover as a faith extender. And to show him that I was standing with him for a new miracle vehicle, specifically a Chevy Malibu. He was faithful for over a year when we finally received a vehicle. It may not have been his Malibu, but it was what he needed at the time.

As I was journaling this morning and processing through all the emotions. The impatience and the pain, I looked at that steering wheel cover over on a pile of belongings that previously lived in a closet, unseen and seemingly forgotten. I was reminded of the faith I had once had for that miracle vehicle. After a close and loving evaluation of the cover, I realized there was a bit of dust and spider webs inside of it. The Holy Spirit quickly gave me a valuable nugget of revelation. Sometimes we have to take those dreams/hopes off the shelf and not only dust off the obvious dust on the outside. Representing the loss of hope that is visible (evident by a lack of talking about it, praying about it, calling it in). But we need to evaluate the inside and dust off the inner dreams. Those things that people don’t see. The dreams that are between you and the Lord or maybe the root of the external dreams. I hope that this is making sense because I really want you to catch this.

It’s time to take those dreams and hopes off of the shelf of discouragement and impatience. Dust it off a bit and hang it somewhere you will be reminded of what you are hoping for. The two travelers on the road to Emmaus had hoped that Jesus was the Messiah who would save them. They had hoped that everything that he said was true, but they felt discouraged and abandoned to fend for themselves. After sparking that conversation with them, Jesus revealed himself to them. He didn’t chastise or condemn their inability to recognize him. He revealed himself in his timing and they were able to see.

What dreams have you let get dusty because of impatience or discouragement?

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