Trees that can weather the storm

Realized this post was never published from October 2018.

Currently, Matthew and I are sorting, praying, waiting for some clarity and direction with our living situation. I didn’t think it would go down like this. Something that may turn into a legal debacle. We are hoping that it doesn’t but this whole thing has been a lesson in patience and assertive boldness. This world is broken and to expect people to treat you fairly and correctly is a high expectation I suppose.

The important thing I am learning is that the Lord is not surprised by any of this and he has our backs no matter what happens. If we lose our deposit, have to pay a hefty chunk from our savings, we believe he is right there with us. God didn’t promise life would be without trouble but he did say he would be with us through it all.

Matthew and I just celebrated our one year anniversary and literally not even 24 hours after we got back to Waco, all this kind of blew up. But while on our trip, we visited a national park near the Raleigh Airport, it was beautiful and so crazy to imagine that the hustle and bustle of a city was just a couple miles away. I learn lessons from God speaking to me through nature quite often but I felt this day that it was a warning or heads up about what was to come, I just thought it was a cool revelation at the time.

The hundred foot trees in that park were made to withstand heavy winds. 40 mph winds could easily knock a tree down to the roots with no chance of regrowth. But God had other plans. He created the leaf shapes to form and wrap in such a way that makes the tree more durable and wind-resistant. That is amazing to me. And it makes me think that if God took that much care to make the trees strong, how much more does he make us strong in him? I believe he has given us promises that enable us to weather the storms, the winds of life.

Matt and I have had a rough year, not between us but battling outside trials. The car wreck, family death, sickness, pain. But God has given us the powerful promises in the word to stand on. Fertile ground to shoot our roots deep into to absorb abundant nutrients. He has been faithful to show up and show off in the midst of trials.

Matthew shared a message by Steven Furtick with me entitled Reputation Rehab, and the main part that I was reminded of is that the enemy doesn’t attack those who don’t threaten him and his kingdom of darkness. I don’t say this to flaunt any feathers, more to encourage you that if you are going through trials, consider it all joy! He is doing a work in your life and you are a threat to the kingdom of darkness. God is with you and will never leave you or forsake you!

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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