WEDDING HOW-TO: Navigating Pinterest

So no joke, when Matthew and I got engaged I had over 800 pins on my wedding board. At first glance or scroll, you would see all types of styles, colors, meal ideas. There wasn’t an ounce of order. And this wasn’t a bad thing because up until this point, that board had just been a dumping ground for anything I thought I would like for my wedding. I couldn’t have foreseen that it would be something that would hinder instead of help when it came time to actually plan. I’m guessing that unless you are a superstar organizer and already have these categories created your wedding board looks a little something like this as well.

Don’t fear, I know it can be daunting looking at all those very different styles that have sparked your interest over the past 6 years. You can probably scroll all the way down to the first pin you posted and clearly see that it is not your style anymore. Before you start thinking,”now why don’t I like that anymore?” Or, “What did I see in that dress?” let me just say this. Styles change. Too frequently in my opinion. And it’s okay that you liked that dress or bouquet at that time because it was the trend. Before you ditch those pins that are “out of style”, take a second to truly think about what you would like your wedding to look like. It’s so hard not to base it off what is in right now but just try. What are the details, colors that you like, not what are popular right now? Do you like a more simple and minimalistic theme? Or the opposite, you want a big Cinderella style dress paired with large sparkly chandeliers? What makes you, you? What kind of things are important to you? My dear friend loved reading, so they spray painted old books gold and used them as aisle decor. Another couple loved Mexican coke so they served bottles of it at their reception. Those are the types of things that make your wedding memorable, special items that signify your relationship with your Fiance.

Once you have done that, you’re ready to tackle the beast. Goes without saying, but these are just the ways I have organized my wedding details, you can create categories that work best for you. And now that Pinterest has a sectioning option you can still have your Wedding Board and use these as sections. These are the categories I chose:

Heaton Honeymoon

Why not start with the fun stuff?

Beauty: Wedding

This is where I put all the details of hairstyles, makeup inspo, jewelry, hair piece

Rings and Things

This wasn’t necessary after the proposal, but I wanted a place to put all the ring photos I had saved up until that point

Engagement Photography

Wedding Photography

Informational: Wedding

I have a handy info board for daily life. This is where I put all the random tips, things you should know, and any important lists I wanted to reference later on.

Let Them Eat Cake

I used this as a place for wedding cakes and food ideas I liked.

Bridal Gowns

This one was a secret board, couldn’t tempt Matt to sneak a peek and my ideas

Bridal Party Attire

The place for suits, ties, gowns, and even the outfits for the littles

Wedding Decor

Wedding Flowers

Floral arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, greenery, corsages, etc

Wedding Color Ideas

This board I did delete some old pins that just weren’t my favorite anymore.

Wedding Videos

The place for all those tear-jerkers I’d loved and felt inspired by

Wedding: Paper Products

The spot for invitations, save the dates, programs, and mailing timelines

Rehearsal Dinner Outfits

All those cute knee-length white dresses I loved!

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremony order

I hope this post was helpful to you. You can see my Pinterest Wedding Boards here. If you have any categories you would add or adjust, let me know below. Or if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below!

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